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Thomas Erdyka Pragana is a 17 years old student, drummer and young illustrator based in Lampung, Indonesia. Originaly his tribe is Chinese, Dyka's interest in photography began in his teenage years. He also has a keen eye set on the world of fashion, design and photograph.

Many story and history of himself, this blog is the story of his progress as a self thought fashion designer and it consists of Dyka's personal style, a fusion between menswear style fashion and Whimsical photography.

At 17 years old he has a rewards before, he get 1st winner for 2 times and 3rd winner for drawing based in Lampung, there needs to be know, he got a reward as the best hairstyle at nike the chance indonesia 2013, it's a nike football competition in every country and every year.
Dyka's is currently studying 2nd grade of Senior high school and studying sewing fashion clothes as fashion student in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

Fashion Genre : Darkness / Punk / Romance / Vintage

Live : Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia

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