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Last Summer Break

FEATURING : Achmad Naufal (left) Kradiceck Nozky (right)

What's the best part of high school? The great friends you make? The romance? No!
We both know, the best part of high school, is SUMMER BREAK.
but this time will be my last summer break in the high school, because i already spend for 3 years.
There's a best and a sad moment that we know, and it become our history already.

I spend 3 years for nothing, i haven't get enough education i guess, my high school life was so full of having fun, i don't really need a full education for sure, i have a talent that i need to practice it.
And it was so exciting to me because this summer break gonna be a longer one than the past, i have already bought some tickets to my holiday, at least i have 2 different places on my list already, and 1 of the is also a tropical island like usual.

Summer break is like the reset button of life, you can be anything after the break, you will get your soul back, and it was the best thing.

Thomas Erdyka Pragana

> Founder and EIC of

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