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Darker Love

H&M shirt & bracelet / ZARA leather jacket / BERSHKA shirt /
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Long time didn't post, there's something that i must finish before march, and now is already 5th, the time gone so fast, i still didn't believe that we're already spend 3 months in 2016, story already changed to history now, just because the past didn't turn out like you wanted it to, doesn't mean your future can't be better than you even imagined, you just know, sometimes you feel it in your bones though we've heard that hearts can still be wrong, something's telling me that you're the one, I just know even if I had a heart of stone you could make it bleed all on your own you could break it but I hope you won't, some people asking me 'do you have girlfriend ?' and i always said no for that question because, that's the truth, truly there's so much girl who praise for me and also do conversation with me, i can speak 5 languages, there're Bahasa, English, Italian, Romanian and a little Spanish, and also understand Malay, Javanese, Thai, Mandarin, and Japanese, so a conversation with a girl is not my resistor, but from all girls that no one who want to know me more, and think that everybody know that my soul is under lucifer now, so it's better if i do ceremony every weekend with another army or hang out with my friends. 

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