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West Java | Holiday Come Earlier

    It's been a long time for me not blogging, and this post is about my activity based from school called "Home Stay" last week!! so excited to came to this epic village, the fusion between traditional culture and a green places makes my day more amazing !! truly it's not the time to start my school holiday for sure, but i think i just take my holiday earlier than my friends, my senior, and my junior from my school, because after i going back from this home stay, i should going to school for 1 more week, but after i went back to my town on 11 December, i just spend 1 day just for cut my hair before i went to Jakarta until 26 December and before i going to my another trip, like usually, in the end of my holiday, i will goes to exotic island whose has amazing beach, and think i ready to going to the 3rd best island in indonesia after Bali and Lombok !

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