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Modern J.Caesar

Happy Halloween for last night, I'm in the way to miss everything about last night ! Yeah last night think, we were dancing, singing all our favorite song, also doing treat or trick, think i might has meet new peoples , and in the end of the night i got a friends.

At the first time, I never thought that i want to wearing a leader costume in this year, because i want to wear a scare costume, but i just got inspired by the palace that i visit in Surakarta last September, it almost 1 month ago, even though i have a concept to be a world leader, but i still don't know about the person that i will being, until 3 weeks ago that my junior friend's called her name. and her name's is basically a Caesar, at that moment i just look at her and think my brain expand the light lamp, and after the school end, i go home and think all about Caesar, and i made my own costume. and it just spend 2 weeks before the costume is finish. that's why in my last 2 weeks, i never update all of my social media, i'm just busy of it, and also i'm busy at my school 'cause they have some event that i must take !!

Last night was amazing, i love everything about candies there, it's unique and delicious, and i also never thought that i got the 2nd winner of Halloween costume this year.

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