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Surakarta | 3 Days Absent

Long time doesn't blogging right ! ya, it almost because i have a nice event named "PORSENI V" !! this event is the competition of sports and arts, so glad to be the one of the participant, a lot of experience that i got there, and also got a lot of friends too, i choose badminton for this event, even though it not with a great finish, but i'm happy to be someone who holding my province name board.

Also i don't forget to go around this great town named Surakarta called Solo, just spend 2 hours and you can look around that town by taxi, and you can use bus too, but i suggest to use taxi, because you know? the people in this town are polite, kind and friendly, so you can enjoy and ask the driver about an amazing spot there ! and this town has a great culture legacy, it seem like magic things, palace and sultan, and much more, i think i just stunned with this town, i love the Street Food Festival and the Night Carnival.

I think spend a week with my "PATRIA" friends there are AMAZING ! 'Till next time guys :D

Thomas Erdyka Pragana

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