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Through The Sunny Day

H&M sunglasses / UNBRAND (JAVANESE) outer / OAKLEY shirt /
ZARA pants /  LACOSTE shoes

Spent a nice day with the shining sun of summer in Bandar Lampung, as you know, BL is my hometown that i live for doing my daily life as a student, i have my school life, so i can't take a trip from August to November for sure. but i can't imagine that i took a photoshoot with the one of my sister's friend who has back to BL from Germany to spend his summer holiday here. He loves photography and he had an amazing photography skill, I think i can call him as my senior, 'cause he has graduated from the same school which i studying now.

The day running fast, i can't believe that i just have to spend 2 years more for graduate from high school, and my favorite grade is when i'm still child, it's almost when i'm in kindergarten, when i'm in that grade , i think all my day is always be bright, there's no hard subject that i have to know. if the day could be repeated, i want to be a child again, but the truth is the time never goes back, and it's the time to plan my future in real life from my childhood dreams.


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