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The Golden Hour

ZARA hat / RAY BAN glasses / UNIQLO shirt / GUESS cardigan / 

Nice Sunday has finished today, and i have been back to school since 2 weeks ago, my day is filled with school, i don't have much time again to having fun, but sleep is always be my favorite activity after i'm back to home, i hate to have some homework, 'cause it will make my day so gloomy and dizzy, i wish i have a lot of time to get  my holiday trip again, but i think i will take my trip in December.

Before December come, i has made my exciting daily schedule for doing my school-life like another kids do. I love to wearing a nerd style, like wearing round glasses and make a fusion with a tie and a cardigan, it will make your style more elegant, and more neat.

And the color of black, white and grey is the reflection of my day now, it's gloomy, and unexpected, 
so much moment that i never thought is gonna be real, and so much unexpected dream that come to my eyes every night, i can't describe how exciting my dream, but my nerdy style can describe it. 

Have a nice day ! :)

Thomas Erdyka Pragana

> Founder and EIC of

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