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The Dark Side

ZEROUV sunglasses / ROLEX watches / TOPMAN jacket & pants / 
WELLBORN t-shirt / LACOSTE shoes

Well, tomorrow will be the 7th days of Indonesia independence day, basically i proud to be Indonesian, 'cause you know Indonesian has made a new style when i was 10, that style we called Distro Style, Distro style is the fusion between Street style and a little Punk style. but now distro isn't famous like 6 years ago. distro was wearing by youth and teenage people. but my outfit isn't distro, my outfit is about Darkness Style, the black color can make my spectrum color of summer more complete, after i wear the color of Green, Purple, Red, and also Brown, black is a good color to shows the masculinity in male self. i think, my summer spectrum was end in  the color of black, i will continue my spectrum summer on next summer, especially in 2016.

Like my previous post titled Through The Sunny Day, this photos were taken by the same amazing photographer, his name is Pascal Akwilaputra Warella, people usualy call him Pascal, the best people give to me is not about their material, but the most important things that people give it to me is about their time, 'cause material is unlimited in this world, but time ? Every human only has 24 hours in a day, so, it's will be my pleasure to spend some peoples time with me, i love photography, and he love photography too, but my skill is under his skill, This guy has an hi-class of the photography skill. i suggest you to meet him when he got a photoshoot. it was amazing !! :)

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Through The Sunny Day

H&M sunglasses / UNBRAND (JAVANESE) outer / OAKLEY shirt /
ZARA pants /  LACOSTE shoes

Spent a nice day with the shining sun of summer in Bandar Lampung, as you know, BL is my hometown that i live for doing my daily life as a student, i have my school life, so i can't take a trip from August to November for sure. but i can't imagine that i took a photoshoot with the one of my sister's friend who has back to BL from Germany to spend his summer holiday here. He loves photography and he had an amazing photography skill, I think i can call him as my senior, 'cause he has graduated from the same school which i studying now.

The day running fast, i can't believe that i just have to spend 2 years more for graduate from high school, and my favorite grade is when i'm still child, it's almost when i'm in kindergarten, when i'm in that grade , i think all my day is always be bright, there's no hard subject that i have to know. if the day could be repeated, i want to be a child again, but the truth is the time never goes back, and it's the time to plan my future in real life from my childhood dreams.


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The Golden Hour

ZARA hat / RAY BAN glasses / UNIQLO shirt / GUESS cardigan / 

Nice Sunday has finished today, and i have been back to school since 2 weeks ago, my day is filled with school, i don't have much time again to having fun, but sleep is always be my favorite activity after i'm back to home, i hate to have some homework, 'cause it will make my day so gloomy and dizzy, i wish i have a lot of time to get  my holiday trip again, but i think i will take my trip in December.

Before December come, i has made my exciting daily schedule for doing my school-life like another kids do. I love to wearing a nerd style, like wearing round glasses and make a fusion with a tie and a cardigan, it will make your style more elegant, and more neat.

And the color of black, white and grey is the reflection of my day now, it's gloomy, and unexpected, 
so much moment that i never thought is gonna be real, and so much unexpected dream that come to my eyes every night, i can't describe how exciting my dream, but my nerdy style can describe it. 

Have a nice day ! :)

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