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Wishlist for Summer

LEVI'S jacket
UNIQLO t-shirt
TOPMAN pants
DC Shoes

It's the day, the day of the first day in July, and i don't really like this month cause July is the month when i back to school even though it's more than 3 weeks later, July is the month of having fun, the month of getting free, and much more, that's why much of us goes to some place to make us refresh of all the activity that we do everyday, i have 5 wishlist travel places near indonesia for this summer, they are :
  1. Hawaii, Palau & Guam - United States
  2. Cairns & Sydney - Australia
  3. Bali & Lombok - Indonesia
  4. Phuket & Pattaya - Thailand
  5. Kota Kinabalu & Tioman - Malaysia
All of them are identic with beach, exotics and tropical, it would makes our holiday more fun !! see me there !
What is your wishlist ?

Thomas Erdyka Pragana

> Founder and EIC of

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