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Guam | Undiscovered Summer Criminals

Well, this post is would be my last summer trip in 2015, a lot of thanks that i want to say for all of you, especially for Guam, Guam is the name of this island, and the island is in the region of the United States, it almost near Indonesia and Philippines, you can call it "Island of Thieves", I came to Guam with passion, and also love. basically i love summer, and i love to stay in the edge of the beach.

The blue water of the sea can made my eyes and my heart refresh from my town in Indonesia, so much fun activity that you can do in that island, the tourist dominated by the Japanese, and some culinary can make your activity in this island more interesting, much of the foods are seafood, that's why the Japanese will be enjoy to stay here.

And you must know that this island has a great nightlife, if you go outside from your place, you will find so much romantics restaurant to having dinner with your girl, but actually i don't have a girl, so i bought the necklace who can search my last heart piece ! but i will more patient for get that ! :)

Someday, Hope all of you will stay in Guam, and feel what i already felt in that island !
and i hope my next summer stops be the island of Hawaii, i have a plan to go there from 2 years ago, but the truth is not yet until now, see you in Hawaii soon !

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