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Spectrum Purple | The Warrior

FOREVER 21 headband
  FRED PERRY t-shirt
H&M bags
ZARA pants
OMEGA watches

Now my holiday was spend more than a half, i mean my holiday just remain 3 weeks later,that's why i choose to change my color to purple. Purple is the color between blue & red, and the symbol of royalty, magic, and also mystic, the fusion between purple hair and purple outfit can make people around you will looking at you this summer, cause i just did it, and the sun rays and purple is an amazing collaborate, cause sun rays containing ultraviolet rays. and originally that bags was bought by my second sister as her birthday gift to me.

Purple is the best color to fill my mid holiday before i will change my hair color again around 1 week later, i just open my summer with my green hair and also spend a days with some green outfits to around sumatra for some invitation, but now, it's time to spend a days with some purple outfits and also with some headbands until i'm back to the school.

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