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Spectrum Red | The Brave Mars

PULL & BEAR suspender
ASOS shoes

I change my hair color again !!! and that is RED ! red is the first color of spectrum rainbow, and the primary color with blue and green. red is the color of passion, strong, and much more. and red is the symbol of imperial China, fire, devil, MARS, stop sign, and much more, and if you notice a flag in the world is dominated by red color with the world strongest county like US, UK, IT, RU, CH, JP, and much more.

In Indonesia, red is the part of our flag, and in Indonesia, red is meaning BRAVE. did you know why Indonesian flag colors are red and white ? hahaha..., let me tell you a short story, in the year of 1595, dutch came to Indonesia for colonize, all of Indonesian people doesn't like of the dutch colonize, and Indonesian war with dutch, but all in vain, much of indonesian are died, until the year of 1942, dutch back to Netherlands, and to give the award to indonesian heros who had fallen, indonesia made a red and white flag, and the Indonesia flag mean the blood of the hero who flowed into pure white cloth.

This summer is so hot, and i said red is the symbol of fire, it will be match with this summer, like i try with green and purple hair color before !!!

Thomas Erdyka Pragana

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