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Guam | Undiscovered Summer Criminals

Well, this post is would be my last summer trip in 2015, a lot of thanks that i want to say for all of you, especially for Guam, Guam is the name of this island, and the island is in the region of the United States, it almost near Indonesia and Philippines, you can call it "Island of Thieves", I came to Guam with passion, and also love. basically i love summer, and i love to stay in the edge of the beach.

The blue water of the sea can made my eyes and my heart refresh from my town in Indonesia, so much fun activity that you can do in that island, the tourist dominated by the Japanese, and some culinary can make your activity in this island more interesting, much of the foods are seafood, that's why the Japanese will be enjoy to stay here.

And you must know that this island has a great nightlife, if you go outside from your place, you will fine so much romantics restaurant to having dinner with your girl, but actually i don't have a girl, so i bought the necklace who can search my last heart piece ! but i will more patient for get that ! :)

Someday, Hope all of you will stay in Guam, and feel what i already felt in that island !
and i hope my next summer stops be the island of Hawaii, i have a plan to go there from 2 years ago, but the truth is not yet until now, see you in Hawaii soon !
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Spectrum Red | The Brave Mars

PULL & BEAR suspender
ASOS shoes

I change my hair color again !!! and that is RED ! red is the first color of spectrum rainbow, and the primary color with blue and green. red is the color of passion, strong, and much more. and red is the symbol of imperial China, fire, devil, MARS, stop sign, and much more, and if you notice a flag in the world is dominated by red color with the world strongest county like US, UK, IT, RU, CH, JP, and much more.

In Indonesia, red is the part of our flag, and in Indonesia, red is meaning BRAVE. did you know why Indonesian flag colors are red and white ? hahaha..., let me tell you a short story, in the year of 1595, dutch came to Indonesia for colonize, all of Indonesian people doesn't like of the dutch colonize, and Indonesian war with dutch, but all in vain, much of indonesian are died, until the year of 1942, dutch back to Netherlands, and to give the award to indonesian heros who had fallen, indonesia made a red and white flag, and the Indonesia flag mean the blood of the hero who flowed into pure white cloth.

This summer is so hot, and i said red is the symbol of fire, it will be match with this summer, like i try with green and purple hair color before !!!

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Spectrum Purple | The Warrior

FOREVER 21 headband
  FRED PERRY t-shirt
H&M bags
ZARA pants
OMEGA watches

Now my holiday was spend more than a half, i mean my holiday just remain 3 weeks later,that's why i choose to change my color to purple. Purple is the color between blue & red, and the symbol of royalty, magic, and also mystic, the fusion between purple hair and purple outfit can make people around you will looking at you this summer, cause i just did it, and the sun rays and purple is an amazing collaborate, cause sun rays containing ultraviolet rays. and originally that bags was bought by my second sister as her birthday gift to me.

Purple is the best color to fill my mid holiday before i will change my hair color again around 1 week later, i just open my summer with my green hair and also spend a days with some green outfits to around sumatra for some invitation, but now, it's time to spend a days with some purple outfits and also with some headbands until i'm back to the school.

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Wandering Gypsy

LEVIS shirt
ZARA pants

It's been so much day that i spend with my green hair, today i will change a new hair color that you suggest to me, much of them is suggest purple, i think purple is a cool hair color, it almost i'm in the middle of my holiday before i will be back to the school, so much story that i got from my green hair, for example i meet so some indonesian famous person, and i think this summer was being my the most busy season in 2015, so much invitation that got around sumatra, i didn't have enough time to come for midnight party in my town let alone find a girlfriend and buy some new clothes for a while.

When i thinking about July, all of my head is full of my old school as new student, not really old, cause i just leave that school approximately 6 month ago, and i just spend 6 month in that school when i rose from middle to high school, and i leave it when i was in 2nd semester of high school, at the first day i think, that school will be great, cause at the first day not much subject that us got, and the senior smiled at us. and if you seen in 2 month after that, i think everything has changed, the strangers in my class i called my friends, the senior and the junior still smiled at me, but not for the senior & junior boys, not all but most, the teacher call my name like they already know before, the student from another class is copied my style, and much more. until 4th month i think i will leave that school cause much of the senior and junior boys hate me. and i choose to back to my old school who really near with my house, just 5 minutes from my bedroom to my class by walking, so i will not be tired anymore for wake up at 6.A.M and drove a car cause it was close.

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Wishlist for Summer

LEVI'S jacket
UNIQLO t-shirt
TOPMAN pants
DC Shoes

It's the day, the day of the first day in July, and i don't really like this month cause July is the month when i back to school even though it's more than 3 weeks later, July is the month of having fun, the month of getting free, and much more, that's why much of us goes to some place to make us refresh of all the activity that we do everyday, i have 5 wishlist travel places near indonesia for this summer, they are :
  1. Hawaii, Palau & Guam - United States
  2. Cairns & Sydney - Australia
  3. Bali & Lombok - Indonesia
  4. Phuket & Pattaya - Thailand
  5. Kota Kinabalu & Tioman - Malaysia
All of them are identic with beach, exotics and tropical, it would makes our holiday more fun !! see me there !
What is your wishlist ?

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