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More Than Alive in Wonderland

H&M shirt
TOPMAN pants

This is my first post in June, did you know? June is my favorite month, the one of the reason is June is the month when i getting some school holiday, and another reason is because June is the month when i born in this planet named Earth, that's why i choose this look name more than alive in wonderland, cause it's same like I Reborn in Earth, i think earth is another name of wonderland, some country that i already visited in this world is so wonderful with the different peculiarity, fashion aroma, and also the architecture.

I'm still cozy in indonesia, the country with the fusion between beach and island can make this country so exotic, and the fusion between different culture and different religion can make us stronger unite, but, i really not cozy with indonesian politics, one of them is indonesian football, so much my friends are the football athlete, as you know, i'm a football athlete too when i was 9th until 14th, 5 years is not a short time, i play for junior football club in my town, so much friends that i got from another town, now i'm 15th, i not play football  more than 1 year, it's all because my legs were in operation, that's why i choose to retire, and after 1 year i retired Indonesian football association was suspended by FIFA, friend is friend, they always be my friend in this wonderland, i will help you to pray you can at more than future bright.

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