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Long time no blog', but i remember about today is mother day, happy mother day before, so much story that wrote by my mom and me, but she's in jakarta now for accompany my grandmother who is sick, not a bad night for last night, when every saturday night i go to the midnight party for get drunk, but last night is different, last night i'm act to be Jayadrath, the shindu king (now pakistan) in PANDAWA 5 by my formal school, originally it finished at 11 PM but i'm to tired to join the midnight party with my fashion school friends both junior and senior at 11.45, basically i'm bored to join midnight party every saturday, i spend a lot of money for bought some wine and beer, i'm never do smoke, and i just get drunk, it's not paid in kind, it almost 3 weeks i'm absent for it, much of my friend call me to join, but i always reject it, that is because i realized after meeting girl, i think she is really very smart, kind, sweet, and also beautiful, she has a sparkling eyes, she has a awesome dream, she always talk about indonesian politics, and also education, it make her different from another girl, and i also happy when i knew she not eat rice too, basically, rice is so identic for asian people, but we eat vegetable, vegetables can make us healthy than others, but we need a healthy meat too, that's why we choose the meat of salmon, it's hard to find a girl with excited dream like her, most of girls in this world is wanna be a doctor or businesswomen or just a housewife. we just a best friend and i interested to be participant of her dream, to make indonesia better, like always i say before, most of my friend are a famous person, she is a famous person too, she is very clever, see can make me stop for addiction to drunk, now she is on her trip to australia for some interview. most of my friend too is outside of indonesia, and i say to my friends who living in australia to meet with her. and test how clever she is. and i just get a invited to NY for the short film titled World of Prince on July 21th, i can't wait to act to be prince of darkness but i must think twice cause i need a time to spend it with my family, specially for with mother - HAPPY MOTHER DAY

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