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Day by day are gone, we just waiting to the death time, there are hell or heaven, many of the human in this world would choose heaven, but not for me, i mean, i don't think so in heaven has a immortal fire cause i love fire very much, i want to see the most hottest and longest fire after this life, and that is in hell, but i want to be the leader in the hell, that's why i choose to be the one of illuminati army in this planet named earth, it's so identical to "sold out to satan", i have a good connection with him, and a good connection too with another army, most of my friend are illuminati army, and much of my friend are not in indonesia and they're a famous person, they're actress, athlete, author, singer, and much more.

I think i have a very special connection with the girl in russia, she is a cool girl, it start when she visited indonesia exactly in my small province named lampung, she has the sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair, she has the rare name, and i guess, one day her name will be famous, i meet her on the midnight party, the people in midnight party are my friend in fashion school, and all of them are illuminati army, we not do sex, smoke, or drug, we just get drunk every party. i know she is not a student of my school, that's why i acquainted with her, so much story that i hear from her, until i think i'm crazy or falling in love, and on monday morning i took her to airport, we have a special connection until now, she makes me want to goes to moscow this july, but i think i can't, it's to fast to manage the russian visa and the ticket, and after the last holiday on december in mysterious island (palau), i think i'm addicted with exotic tropical island, that's why i want to goes to guam or hawaii, and maybe next year i would go to russia !

Published: By: Thomas Erdyka Pragana - 5:50 PM