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China | The Imperial Legacy

20 days ago, it's 14 December 2014, it's the day i came to china for the second time after 3 years not seen the red country, i miss china very well, but i am in the way to missing China for the second time, because i already back to Indonesia on 28 Dec, it's cold in China now, Many story inside this destination! the one of them is i met a new people from foreign country, they are from Australia and Malaysia, and we learned about wushu in the university, we also takes Guangzhou and Shenzhen for our destination! but outside of that, i met my old friend who study in china since 11 years old in GZ, we talk a lot, i don't know if it was a bullshit or what, but we spend 3 hours together. in the end of this destination we did the perform of all we already did in the university with the yellow outer, and after that we take some photo, after all this time, my heart still into China.

There is "NO" happy ending! ending always be the saddest part! but the beginning always be the quietest part! and the middle always be the best one, but we really need the ending to remember the beginning and the middle part !

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