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Indonesian In Strangers Apocalypse

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Nice day in Sunday is already came ! spend my day to dating with the awesome book by Jules Verne from 1891, the book it's about "The Adventure Of Love" with the french language, originally i still study about french, i don't think so to knows all of the part in that book, the book has 573 pages, i just already read to page 91, it's too long to read until finished, but this book is so useful, you will knew what is the character of girl and boy from each country, and i so interested on page 67, it's about indonesian people who have a apocalypse thinking of love, and i think that is really very real 'cause i already live in indonesia for 15 years, and i already knew about the all characters of indonesian people, not many of them looking for they future work, they just thinking about who the girl he will getting married and will died next to him.

They just study about a stupid subject, you know why i said stupid subject? yeah, because not all indonesian subject will useful to our future, all we need is about love subject who study about how to taking girl fast, and also how to maintaining unity, and that's why i never want to study hard about indonesian subject who doesn't useful for my future like history, civics, and also physics, because you know why? all the people says don't look back again if you want to be success, but history always force you to look back, it's like indonesia has colonized by portuguese in 1512 and VOC in 1602 and also Dutch in 1800 and the last is Japanese in 1943 - 1945, it's not cool, its so embarrassing for indonesia. and also the civics, they never knew, the young people doesn't like a rules, i hate rules!

And the last is physics, you will never count the falling things with the short time, it's just around 1-2 seconds, all about that subject is so hoax, i really agree if that subject is to be rare in all schools, i mean i really very much agree if that subject is to be very rare in all school, indonesian people never knew about the real love in this world because they always looking back again that's why they very hard to move on, i think indonesian will be the first apocalypse!

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