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West Java | Holiday Come Earlier

    It's been a long time for me not blogging, and this post is about my activity based from school called "Home Stay" last week!! so excited to came to this epic village, the fusion between traditional culture and a green places makes my day more amazing !! truly it's not the time to start my school holiday for sure, but i think i just take my holiday earlier than my friends, my senior, and my junior from my school, because after i going back from this home stay, i should going to school for 1 more week, but after i went back to my town on 11 December, i just spend 1 day just for cut my hair before i went to Jakarta until 26 December and before i going to my another trip, like usually, in the end of my holiday, i will goes to exotic island whose has amazing beach, and think i ready to going to the 3rd best island in indonesia after Bali and Lombok !
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Modern J.Caesar

Happy Halloween for last night, I'm in the way to miss everything about last night ! Yeah last night think, we were dancing, singing all our favorite song, also doing treat or trick, think i might has meet new peoples , and in the end of the night i got a friends.

At the first time, I never thought that i want to wearing a leader costume in this year, because i want to wear a scare costume, but i just got inspired by the palace that i visit in Surakarta last September, it almost 1 month ago, even though i have a concept to be a world leader, but i still don't know about the person that i will being, until 3 weeks ago that my junior friend's called her name. and her name's is basically a Caesar, at that moment i just look at her and think my brain expand the light lamp, and after the school end, i go home and think all about Caesar, and i made my own costume. and it just spend 2 weeks before the costume is finish. that's why in my last 2 weeks, i never update all of my social media, i'm just busy of it, and also i'm busy at my school 'cause they have some event that i must take !!

Last night was amazing, i love everything about candies there, it's unique and delicious, and i also never thought that i got the 2nd winner of Halloween costume this year.

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New World Order

ZARA hat / H&M shirt / TOPMAN pants / 
LACOSTE sandals 

I'm so busy in this month ! it's about to prepare my Halloween, i can't wait for 30th October later, i've made my concept for this year's Halloween, it's something like a King, Prince, Sultan, something about Historical Famous World Leader. because i just inspired by the Sultan from my last trip in September, exactly in the Palace of Surakarta. and i just think that without the leader, maybe we doesn't have a new world, and always be live in ancient times.

And for the opening the Halloween !
I think i will always wear an outfits in darkness genre after the end of the October.

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Surakarta | 3 Days Absent

Long time doesn't blogging right ! ya, it almost because i have a nice event named "PORSENI V" !! this event is the competition of sports and arts, so glad to be the one of the participant, a lot of experience that i got there, and also got a lot of friends too, i choose badminton for this event, even though it not with a great finish, but i'm happy to be someone who holding my province name board.

Also i don't forget to go around this great town named Surakarta called Solo, just spend 2 hours and you can look around that town by taxi, and you can use bus too, but i suggest to use taxi, because you know? the people in this town are polite, kind and friendly, so you can enjoy and ask the driver about an amazing spot there ! and this town has a great culture legacy, it seem like magic things, palace and sultan, and much more, i think i just stunned with this town, i love the Street Food Festival and the Night Carnival.

I think spend a week with my "PATRIA" friends there are AMAZING ! 'Till next time guys :D
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Day of Last

H&M sunglasses / ORAQLE shirt / ZARA pants / NIKE shoes

Summer is END !! Thank you summer ! I had a lot of memories that i captured in my mind now, see you next year !
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