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November will end ! many of foreign countries in progress to be winter place, and indonesia never have a winter seasons, but indonesia have a awesome season and that the reasons why i love to live in indonesia, that is wet season, in wet season nearly every day will be rainy ! but i think i can't relish this season 'cause i must go to another country with the winter season on 14th December, i will take the land of my ancestor without my family, and i will back from there after christmas and of course before new year came 'cause i must spend the new year with my lovely family.

So many of secret in rain, the sound of rain is the one of the secret, but the black sky is the important secret! as much of darkness magicians says "the rain is our strength" i think that's why in indonesia so much of darkness magicians and paranormals and a mystical in it. and if the rain come you must wear the black outfit to feel that strength. black never been destroyed ! black is immortal !
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 This will be the first post on November, and the part 2 of my leather jacket, i take the spainist language for the title to complete this look to be perfect, 3 days ago i got the news about i nominated in Blogger United for "THE ASIA COOLEST TEEN". i can't believe it, at the first time i just blogging 'couse that my hobbies, and after 3 years of blogging my email is full of support quotes from some people, and i can't believe that now blogging is my important part time activity, and yesterday my name is on the leaderboard of lookbook as top 10 and be the youngest man and the only one man from south east asia in that leaderboard, and thank you very much for all my followers in instragram who turn to 5K+ and my blog visitors who turn to 30K+

One think that always in my brain "We can watch this world spin above, both eyes, shut tight, don't wake me up, if' it's in my head, that is real enough"

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