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Darker Love

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Long time didn't post, there's something that i must finish before march, and now is already 5th, the time gone so fast, i still didn't believe that we're already spend 3 months in 2016, story already changed to history now, just because the past didn't turn out like you wanted it to, doesn't mean your future can't be better than you even imagined, you just know, sometimes you feel it in your bones though we've heard that hearts can still be wrong, something's telling me that you're the one, I just know even if I had a heart of stone you could make it bleed all on your own you could break it but I hope you won't, some people asking me 'do you have girlfriend ?' and i always said no for that question because, that's the truth, truly there's so much girl who praise for me and also do conversation with me, i can speak 5 languages, there're Bahasa, English, Italian, Romanian and a little Spanish, and also understand Malay, Javanese, Thai, Mandarin, and Japanese, so a conversation with a girl is not my resistor, but from all girls that no one who want to know me more, and think that everybody know that my soul is under lucifer now, so it's better if i do ceremony every weekend with another army or hang out with my friends. 
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Bangka Belitung | Indonesian Maldives

Long time no blogging, and this is my last trip on 2015, Happy New Year before !!!! 

Hey guys, recently as you know i spend my winter holiday in Indonesia (my home country) ! like usually, i always took my trip to the tropical paradise island on the last. and i will tell you all about that amazing places which called Indonesian Maldives to you, and this islands are had a characteristics, and that is rocky beach and blue tosca sea.


Plane - 2 Hours from Jakarta (CGK) to Tanjung Pandan (TJQ) and 45 Minutes from Tanjung Pandan (TJQ) to Pangkal Pinang (PGK)

Ship - 30 Hours from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan

Jetfloir - 3 Hours from Palembang to Pangkal Pinang


BW suite - the highest hotel in belitung and the swim-pool on the near beach makes you can see the amazing tosca sea and white sand for more enjoy.

Grand Pelangi Hotel - Quite place is more comfortable if you more love lonely place to be enjoy


In Belitung Islands

Lengkuas Island - You can see the lighthouse there and also you can go up there with the 319 stairs until you see fabulous views on the top.

Tanjung Pendam Beach - Sunset in this beach are the most epic one, you can goes here every 5 P.M to see the sunset because it just spend 10 minutes from the both hotels to this beach.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach - 28 KM from the city are not long if you go there, because you will pay by the empty road, just spend 20 Minutes to arrived there, but doesn't mean there's doesn't has tourist, That place is the most popular for the tourist because the perfect beach.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach - This Place are the most famous beach in Belitung for the Indonesian, because there's the famous movie who take a shoot of beauty in Belitung there.

Belitung Museum - The most historical place in Belitung, and this museum have a lot of fowl kind, and also a very big crocodiles and another reptile like snakes.

Sekolah Laskar Pelangi - Truly this place are a school, and this place are the famous one, because there's the Indonesian movie named "Laskar Pelangi" who shoot on there and truly that school is for the tourist now.

Andre Hirata Word Museum - As you know that, Andre Hirata is the most famous Indonesian writer, and he is born in Belitung and also he is the writer of "Laskar Pelangi", and as you know that Belitung are famous because that book and the movie.

In Bangka Islands

Parai Beach - 40 KM from the city with adorable views on the road makes you never get bored to go there and you can see the flat beach so you can play the volley beach there.

Tikus Beach - 5 KM from Parai beach makes you regret to not visit this amazing rocky beach, after you went to Parai beach.

Mt.Menumbing - With the historical inside this place, you can see the building which used a prison for our 1st Indonesian President as the prisoner at the last second world war from the Dutch.

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West Java | Holiday Come Earlier

    It's been a long time for me not blogging, and this post is about my activity based from school called "Home Stay" last week!! so excited to came to this epic village, the fusion between traditional culture and a green places makes my day more amazing !! truly it's not the time to start my school holiday for sure, but i think i just take my holiday earlier than my friends, my senior, and my junior from my school, because after i going back from this home stay, i should going to school for 1 more week, but after i went back to my town on 11 December, i just spend 1 day just for cut my hair before i went to Jakarta until 26 December and before i going to my another trip, like usually, in the end of my holiday, i will goes to exotic island whose has amazing beach, and think i ready to going to the 3rd best island in indonesia after Bali and Lombok !
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